Why Choose Us?


No matter where you are in your teaching career, Top Class Education we will always assist in finding you a suitable position that not only matches your experience but also your location and specialism.

We offer a vast array of long term, permanent and day to day supply positions. Registration with Top Class Education is completely free. Simply click on the REGISTER to begin your registration and we will contact you directly. Alternatively, you may have a few questions so if you would like to email at  register@topclass-education.org or alternatively please call us on 01223 652700.

We know from experience that teachers have a preference to how they wish to be paid; therefore Top Class Education gives you the option and flexibility to be paid on a contract basis or on a PAYE basis.

We will always assist you with maps, directions and bus routes to your assigned school and we will NEVER expect you to travel over and above the distances/time that you are happy to travel.

At Top Class Education, we want you to be happy and to feel like you have achieved what you wanted to in your day at school. With this in mind, we want to stay in regular contact with you and we love to receive your feedback. The support and care for our teachers is paramount in continuing to deliver our excellent service to both Education and to teachers.

We are always available for you to contact us and we can be reached from 7am – 7pm on 01223 652700 or email teach@topclass-education.org outside of our core hours. We are available 24/7 to the schools to assist in dealing with their emergency cover, however, if you have an emergency or you are feeling unwell the day before a booking, please do not hesitate to contact us as the more notice we have, the more likely we are to be able to cover your booking and not let the school down.

We ask that all teachers advise us of their availability on a weekly basis, however due to our volume of bookings, we would love to hear what your availability is like for the coming 3 weeks! There are a number of options open to you to advise us of your availability and we love to talk to you, so why not call the office between 7am – 7pm or alternatively drop us an email to availablity@topclass-education.org so we are aware of your availability for any new positions which come in..

We know that sometimes it's easier to communicate via text message so you can always reach us on 07854 384641 to provide your availability. We do ask that if you are able to do this by Thursday 7pm so that we are prepared for the following weeks bookings that may come in on the Friday.


Tel: 01223 652700

Covering East Anglia, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Peterborough & Essex