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One Phone, One Hour: How Apps Can Help You Gain that Exam Pass

Much like it’s frowned upon to take your phone to a local quiz (don’t do it, folks – it doesn’t go down well!), it’s still not quite the done thing to rock up to an exam with your mobile in hand.

True, these days our mobile phones are everything to us; from our alarm clocks to our pocket calculators – and everything in between – but they’ll do very little in your locker when you’re stuck on that tricky question mid-exam.

That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using your mobile phone in the run up to an exam. Helping you swerve the long walk to the library for costly textbooks, your humble mobile phone will come to your rescue when all else seems lost.

Pre-exam nerves? Use the Internet to find some handy tips. Need access to that Penguin Classic you let your friend borrow the other week? Download it for free via the Kindle app. The fact is, a phone will help you out when (sometimes, at least) even the course tutor or teaching assistant can’t.

So, how exactly can it help you then?

Given that the majority of us break our revision into one-hour blocks – it just makes sense to make studying more manageable like this – how can your mobile phone help you out in the next hour?

Well, thanks to downloading some convenient educational apps, it could well be the difference between a fail or a pass in your next big exam – and here’s how:

Apps Help You Tap into a Valuable Community

When you just couldn’t quite grasp the facts in that recent class, who was it who finally helped you understand them? Our bet was it was one of your classmates? Well, download apps like Unstuck to your phone and you’ll never have to puzzle over a tricky question again.

With a useful online community ready and waiting for you to make the most of, the app can be downloaded in minutes but will save you hours of time when it comes to online-based research. In fact, make it your business to install all the apps mentioned here in this piece and you’re likely to save yourself more than just a few hours’ work in the long run.

Schedule Group Studying Events Quickly

How long did it take you to organise your last study group? With apps like Doodle, you can ensure everyone has access to the resources they need – and easily – in less time than it takes to make yourself a cup of tea.

Add the app to your phone and bring an element of fun to revision by tapping into everyone’s knowledge via useful groups and get-togethers.

Plan Your Time Well

Got just an hour to nail that maths revision? The Yelling Mom app helps you keep on track when you seem to be losing focus. Schedule tasks and keep track of time via the handy app, which will absolutely revolutionise the way you prepare for an exam.

While an hour spent on these individual apps isn’t forced to help you pass the exam, 60 minutes is, in fact, all you need to get them all downloaded onto your phone with ease. And once you do, you’ll find that you can study smarter and reclaim a little of your free time by ensuring the hours you do spend revising are as valuable as possible.

Still stuck? Turn to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo for some visual aids to learning which may just help out when you’re going bog-eyed from reading too much text. Go on, it all starts here…




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